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Helium 10 updates

August 2021


  • Helium 10 Chrome Extension
    • Chrome Extension 6.5.0 now supports product and keyword research for Amazon’s Australian marketplace.


  • Cerebro and Magnet Update
    • Cerebro and Magnet allow users to filter for, and to see, the number of page one products that include a searched keyword in their product title. Results appear in the new Title Density and Headline ASIN columns.

July 2021


  • Helium 10 Mobile App Update
    • Users can research products by scanning barcodes using the Helium 10 Mobile app, as well as using the phone’s share button to send product information from the Amazon app to the Helium 10 app.
    • Users can research keywords related to products they scan.
    • Users can easily save mobile-researched products and their keywords to their Helium 10 account’s My List.
  • Helium 10 Dashboard Update
    • The Mega Menu features a drop-down navigation menu, including the ability to change your personal layout to foreground seven frequently used tools for rapid access.
    • My List is now organized into My List – Products and My List – Keywords.


  • Helium 10 Membership
    • The exclusive Helium 10 Serious Sellers Club opens and begins accepting applications from subscribers who have reached revenue milestones in their Amazon business. 



  • Portals Update
    • Users can search for and purchase domains for their active landing pages inside Portals.
  • Chrome Extension Update
    • New Amazon FBA fee structure applied.
    • Redesigned Profitability Calculator includes FBM Calculator for US Marketplace.
    • Calculators organized by cost categories.
    • Profitability Calculator includes Duties & Tariffs field, filterable by dollars or percentage.
    • Referral Fee Category Selector replaces the former percentage field.
    • Redesigned Review Insights opens into an overview window with helpful filters, analysis, and a review graph.

June 2021


  • Helium 10 CPR Formula
    • The Helium 10 CPR has been completely re-calculated to help sellers effectively estimate the number of units that customers need to search, find, and buy in order for the product to rank on the first page of a keyword’s search results.
  • Portals Update
    • Starter and Free Helium 10 users can now create an active Portal and collect data from up to 100 customer visits.


  • Helium 10 Website Update
    • Helium 10 launches its Trusted Partner Directory, where sellers can find the external resources and services they need to run their Amazon business. The directory exclusively lists vendors and experts with whom Helium 10 maintains an ongoing, professional relationship.
  • Helium 10 Software Launch: Audience


  • Helium 10 Dashboard Update
    • Platinum, Diamond, and Elite members who have active MWS tokens, but have not yet activated Review Request automations, will see a prompt on their dashboards allowing them to set up Request a Review automations in two simple clicks.

April 2021


  • Chrome Extension Update
    • Sub-users can switch between accounts.
    • Xray’s Keyword Search Volume, Sales, and Review charts can be exported.
    • Demand Analyzer launches on Pinterest, Pinterest Trends, and Etsy sites.
    • Users can open their Helium 10 Dashboard and the Knowledge Base directly from the Chrome Extension.


  • Amazon Marketplaces
    • Black Box, Magnet, Cerebro, Keyword Tracker, Market Tracker, and Trendster are all available/supported in the Australian marketplace.



  • Inventory Management Update
    • Users can download a CSV file of their filtered data from the Restock Suggestions page by clicking the Export Results button.


  • Listing Analyzer Update
    • Listing Analyzer is released to all Elite, Diamond and Platinum users:
      • Allows users to compare and contrast up to 10 Amazon listings simultaneously
      • Assigns a Listing Analyzer score based on the quality and quantity of the media, copy, and customer ratings
      • Identifies shared keywords, shared top 10 keywords, shared total search volume, shared top 10 search volume, and search volume history for the top 2 keywords
      • 1-Click button imports the ASINs and data into Cerebro for deeper analysis


  • Helium 10 Pricing Plan Update
    • Helium 10 launches a new entry-level pricing plan, the Starter plan, designed to support new sellers as they build the foundation of their Amazon business:
      • Upgrade from the Free Plan
      • Includes full access to Freedom Ticket
      • Includes full access to Profits and Xray
      • $37/month (or $27/month when purchased on the annual plan)

March 2021


  • Chrome Extension Update
    • Chrome Extension 6.0 launches with exciting new features, including:
      • Product thumbnails in data tables
      • Keyword Search Volume + Graph in Xray
      • Xray search filters
      • 2-Factor Score is the default option
      • 2-Factor Score for Related Keywords Search Volume + Graph
      • Accordion view for ASIN variations
      • Customizable column placement
      • Deletable table rows
      • “My List” column
      • Demand Analyzer for Shopify
      • Supplier Finder option for EUR currency in display
      • Optional global permissions request
      • Faster loading times
  • Inventory Manager Update
    • Inventory Manager splits from Profits into a stand-alone tool. Users can access it under the Operations section of the Helium 10 dashboard. 


  • Black Box Update
    • Users can limit search results for products using the Include Seller and/or Exclude Seller filters.


  • Chrome Extension Update
    • Chrome Extension 5.2.0 users can quickly calculate average monthly sales estimates with the new Sales Estimator tool, which appears on product pages alongside the Revenue Calculator.
  • Portals Update
    • Users can save historical QR Codes for later reuse simply by pausing them.
    • Users have a choice of 10 Portals template designs, with the addition of the new Peachy Template.
  • Dashboard Update
    • New Elite and Diamond users can sign up for a live, personalized onboarding session. The registration link appears as a banner, a widget, and in the QuickStart checklist.

February 2021


  • Profits Update
    • Users can add SKUs to both Purchase Orders and Transfer Shipments during their creation.
    • Users can create Purchase Orders and Transfer Shipments from the Restock Suggestions page, without selecting a SKU.


  • Profits Update
    • Profits’ Inventory Manager allows users to add supplier SKUs to products on the Product page.
    • Downloadable Purchase Order’s enhanced layout includes supplier SKU and product title.


  • Profits Update
    • Profits supports the Polish Marketplace.

January 2021


  • Portals Update
    • Users can create, save and download QR Codes and Product Inserts, quickly, in simple steps, using prepared templates.
  • Black Box Update
    • Black Box supports NL Amazon Marketplace research.


  • Helium 10 Dashboard Update
    • Users can quickly Research a Keyword from the dashboard, add the results to My List, or forward the results into either Magnet for expanded keyword research or into Black Box for expanded product research.
  • Helium 10 Onboarding Process
    • Helium 10 creates a helpful onboarding checklist for new users, to guide them through setting up their account and using the tools for the first time.


  • Chrome Extension Update
    • Chrome Extension allows users to research Alibaba suppliers while on, and research Amazon product sales data while on

December 2020


  • Black Box Update
    • On the Products tab, users can manipulate search results using the new advanced filters Search Brand and Exclude Brand.

November 2020



  • Helium 10 Dashboard Update
    • Users can submit feature requests using the ‘?’ drop-down menu link “Share your ideas.”
  • Magnet Update
    • In a multi-keyword search, the total search volume is displayed.


  • Profits Update
    • Profits displays and incorporates Sponsored Display PPC costs in its calculations.

October 2020


  • Follow-Up Updates
    • Follow-Up templates have been updated to ensure compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service.


  • Mobile App Updates
    • The Helium 10 Mobile App now displays important data from ADS, including current PPC Spend, PPC Sales, ACoS, Total Sales (TACoS) and the Conversion rate for all your PPC campaigns, with additional charts highlighting the five highest ACoS campaigns and the five highest keywords’ performance.


  • Follow-Up Updates
    • Helium 10’s Request a Review feature is now available inside Follow-Up for NA sellers. If sellers use this feature inside Follow-Up, they should not use it in Seller Central. Amazon rules prohibit sellers from sending customers multiple requests for a review.


  • Chrome Extension Updates
    • The Chrome Extension, including Profitability Calculator, is available in Amazon’s Indian and Mexican marketplaces.


  • Index Checker Updates
    • Users can now check up to 200 keywords at a time.


  • Black Box Updates
    • Advanced Filters for Revenue Competitors, Reviews Competitors and Rating Competitors are now available under the Keywords tab for all subscription levels, including free users. See the PRO Training Video.


  • ADS Updates
    • ADS includes a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) column on the Analytics and Ad Manager tabs.
    • Suggestion Rules can be edited at the Campaign level.
    • New Keyword and Negative Keyword Suggestions can be automated.

August 2020


  • Marketplaces / Product Updates
    • India: Helium 10 now supports with our essential tools, such as Black Box, Cerebro & Magnet.
    • Mexico: Helium 10 now supports with our essential tools, such as Black Box, Cerebro & Magnet.

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