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Our new Amazon product analyzer tool streamlines everything by quickly delivering crystal-clear analysis and actionable insights for your product listing. It talks to our keyword research tools and provides visibility to your top-ranking keywords to easily see your top-of-page reach. And it offers the importing, downloading and organization capabilities you need to simplify the entire process.

Get a Competitive Edge with Competitor Intel

Our Listing Analyzer tool quickly reveals eye-opening market intel. See how up to ten competitors are optimizing their listings and discover their high-ranking keywords, so you can create an organic traffic-boosting product listing and develop more informed keyword strategies.

You’ve Got a Great Product. Make Sure Your Listing Shows It Off.

Our Amazon Listing Analyzer tool includes an in-depth Listing Quality Score, which clearly highlights if your listings follow best practices or need improvement in specific areas such as your product title, images, video, description, TOS guidelines and more. Your listings should always engage customers and the big-picture, actionable insights from your Listing Quality Score are a smart way to check your Amazon listings to make sure they always do just that.
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